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    Highlights from the U17 Womens World Cup in Trinidad & Tobago in Sept 2010 including Aileens fantastic strike.

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Training Schedule


For information on any of the teams  or to contact any of the coaches please email


Training times 2015

Monday 7pm U17 Boys Mon. 8pm Mens team & U18 Boys

Tuesday 5.30 U12 & U13 boys

Wednesday 6.45 U15 Boys Wed 9pm Ladies Team

Thursday 6pm U12 Girls Thursday 7pm U14 Girls

Friday 7pm Ladies team Friday 8pm Mens team & U18 Boys

New Age Groups for 2012 Season

U10 Born 2003 or after

U11     2002

U12     2001

U13     2000

U14     1999

U15     1998

U16     1997

U17     1996

U18     1995

Trainging times for 2012

U8 & U10 Tuesday  6pm to 7pm

U12 Boys Tuesday 7pm  to 8pm

U14 Boys Saturday 12noon

U16 & U17 Boys Monday 7pm to 8pm

Mens & U18 Boys Tuesday & Friday 8pm

Girls U18 Wednesday 7pm to 8pm

Girls U12 Thursday 6pm to 7pm

Girls U14 Thursday 7pm to 8pm

Training Times for 2011

U8 & U10 Boys & Girls Tuesdays 7pm to 8pm Coaches Denis McAlmont & Ricky Goldrick

U11,U12, & U13  Girls Saturdays 6pm to 7pm Coach David Munnelly

U11, U12, & U13 Boys Tuesdays 6pm to 7pm Coaches Richard Lynn & Aidan Ferguson

U15,U16,U17  Girls and Ladies  team Fridays 8pm to 9pm Coach Peter McDonnell

U14& U15 Boys Mondays 7pm to 8pm Coach Aidan Sweeney

U16 ,U17 & u18 Boys Thursdays 7pm to 8pm Coaches Kevin Whyte & Anthony Gallagher

Mens Team Tuesdays 8.30pm to 10 pm Fridays 8.30pm to 10pm Sundays at 12 noon Coach Mark McLoughlin


Training Times for 2010

Under 8 & Under 10 Boys & girls Saturdays 5pm to 6pm Coaches Matt Webb, Ricky Goldrick,Bernard Moran  Denis mcCalmont & David Munnelly

U12 Girls  Saturdays 6pm to 7 pm Manager David Munnelly Coaches Ciara McDonnell & Elaine Lowther

U14 GirlsSaturdays 6pm to 7pm Coaches Ciara McDonnell & Elaine Lowther

U12 boys    Tuesdays 6pm to 7pm Coach Tony Browne , Brian McHale & Ivan Sweeney

U14 Boys Mondays 7pm to 8pm Coach Aidan Sweeney, Anthony Gallagher & Jonny Cuffe

Ladies & U17 Girls Fridays 7pm tp 8pm Coach Peter McDonnell

Mens Team Tuesday & Friday 8.30pm to 10pm & Sunday at 12pm Managers Mark McLoughlin & Jonny Cuffe  Fitness Coach Peter McDonnell

















Training Times For Killala AFC               2009 Season
U8 & 10 Boys & Girls      Sat. 6 to 7 Coach David Munnelly & Denis McAlmont
U12 Girls                             Sat 5 to 6 Coach Ciara McDonnell & Elaine Lowther Managers David & JohnMunnelly

U12 Boys                            Tues 6 to 7 Coach Tony Browne Assistant Brian McHale

U14 Girls                           Sat. 5 to 6 Coach Ciara McDonnell  & Elaine Lowther

U14 Boys                            Mon 7 to 8 Coach Aidan Sweeney Anthony Gallagher & Jonny Cuffe

U16 Girls                            Friday 8 to 9 Coach Peter McDonnell

U16 Boys                             Monday 7pm to 8pm Coach Aidan Sweeney

U18 Boys                           Wed 8 to 9 and Friday 9 to 10 Coach Kenny Sheridan & Mark McLoughlin

Ladies                               Friday 8 to 9 Coach Peter McDonnell

Mens                                   Tues. 8 to 9 and Friday 9 to 10 Coach Kenny Sheridan & Mark McLoughlin

Any of the above coaches can be contacted through this website